Des Mains Habiles set of 3 hooks

Set of 3 wall hooks - High pressure laminate with metal and wood inlay - Design Elsa Pochat

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Craftsmanship in the service of design

Ibride has collaborated with designer Elsa Pochat to create the "De Bonnes Mains" collection, a set of wall hooks in the shape of hands. Each of them adopts a unique position, recalling the gesture of a craftsman working the material to give birth to an object. By choosing this part of the body, the designer wanted to pay tribute to the craftsman, to his ability to transform raw materials, to the nobility of irreplaceable manual skills.

Made in France

Ibride hooks are the most handcrafted product in our range. They are meticulously crafted in our Besançon workshop using inlay and wood/metal assembly techniques that ensure delicacy and finesse in their design. The result is a smooth transition from one material to another, with no abrupt changes.


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Material Stratifié compact, bouleau
Color Noir brossé, bois brut, doré brossé
Usage Indoor
Dimension H.11 x L.25 x P.6 cm
Country of manufacture France
Little extra patère solide qui supporte un grand poid, fixation incluse

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