Petites Présences

Decorative Bird - Made in Italy - Gold Galvanized Brass

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Petites Présences ibride

Petites Présences

The Petites Présences collection pays tribute to small wild presences, to their furtive encounter, to the beauty of the untamed.
Their design principle is to suggest the presence through its contours.Each posture, with its aerial drawing, intertwines with itself and dialogues with the other.
 The duo then tells us a spring poetry where a romance is invented.
De l'Aube and à l'Aube bear the name of a repeated promise, carried by the tip of the day.


Model De l'Aube or A l'Aube
Material Gold galvanized metal
Weight 34 grammes
Dimension H.11 x L.18 x l.1,6cm
Finish Golden
Country of manufacture Made in Italy, assembled and packaged in France
Type Decorative bird