Wall Decoration - Made in France - Brass

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Metallic wall art

Belladonna is the first collaboration of 'Aurel Rubbish with ibride.
He proposes a wall art faithful to his signature but in a metallic material: brass. Inspired by the earth's gravity, which is reflected in the drips of the work, these sophisticated black and gold plant modules are a real presence in your interior. Composed of three works with several possible combinations, Belladonna can be composed according to your desires

Creation in the service of modularity 

Belladonna is levitating thanks to pegs that prevent it from touching the wall directly. On flat surfaces or in corners, this metal wall art adapts to your interiors: Aurel Rubbish wanted to extend the creative process of the work by giving the buyer the freedom to associate the modules according to his or her sensibility. While the central piece remains the one containing the eye, several combinations are possible thanks to the different roots that border the modules.

Signed and numbered piece

Each piece is identified by an engraving made in our workshops, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist Aurel Rubbish.

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Dimension H.47 x L.75,5 cm | H.32 x L.48 cm | L.34,5 x 38,5 cm
name Belladonna
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