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Mural tray - High Pressure Laminate
Made in France

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Large trays to be used for service, then to be displayed freely on the wall like a pictorial work, a mythological painting.

Renard plateau ibride
Le Renard
An emblematic animal in the works of Jean de La Fontaine, the cunning Fox, with the air of a romantic hero, dons his conqueror's armour without losing the white carnation of passion nestling in his hand. 
L'agneau plateau ibride
The Lamb, the emblematic character of Jean de La Fontaine's fables, is the embodiment of purity and innocence, attributes which led to his being condemned without appeal by a brutal and hungry Wolf.
Sapho plateau ibride
Stately demeanor, naturally immaculate skin tattooed with several aristocratic flies, Sapho calls the tune, imposes herself as the leader of "Les Précieuses" and establishes herself as an intellectual, determined to escape from the masculine supremacy of her time. 
Bianca plateau ibride

Bianca, a loving and protective mother figure, protects her lineage with vigilance. The honesty of her feelings cannot be questioned.   
But where does this intriguing detail from the palm of her hand come from? 

Bernache plateau ibride

"Go, fly away my beautiful traveling bird!"
Bernache the goose, a powerful and steady flier, is getting ready to leave the wild beach, to glide through the wind and to join his own on the path of his traveling ancestors.


model Bianca or Bernache or Agneau or Renard or Sapho
material birch high pressure laminate
weight 0,9 kgs
dimension H.55 x 33cm
country of manufacture Moulés en Suède, découpés en France
little extra water and heat resistant | dishwasher safe