Yuan extra plates

Set of 4 Yuan extra plates - Made in Thaïland - Melamine

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material: mélamine alimentaire
dimension: Ø25 cm
country of manufacture: Thaïlande
info: passe au lave-vaisselle, pas de micro onde

General conditions

    Extra plates



    Side by side, they feature a bucolic table runner marked by immortal statues, antique beauties of a forgotten park where nature gradually reasserts itself.


     Side by side, they narrate the memory of a woman who languishes in the impressiveness of the Portuguese palace of Bussaco.

    Side by side, they immerse the guests in a familiar mythology: variations on the reflection of a face barely disrupted by the flowers and other aquatic meanders, the series willingly alludes to Narcissus's wanderings. 

    Side by side, they immerse the guests in a puzzling Garden of Eden, inspired by the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum artworks. 

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