Rules photo contest game


Designation of the contest : IBRIDE PHOTO CONTEST
Free contest from February 17 to February 24, 2020

Article I. Organisation of the competition The company ibride Whose registered office is located at 17 rue du stade, 25660 Fontain, France Designated hereafter : "All trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs reproduced on the site as well as on the sites to which it provides access via hypertext links are the exclusive property of their owners and are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. Any unauthorised reproduction of these trademarks, logos and signs constitutes an infringement punishable by law. All the software used on the site and those to which it provides access as well as the texts, comments, illustrations or images reproduced on the site and those to which it provides access are subject to copyright and their unauthorised reproduction constitutes an infringement punishable by law. The present rules define the legal rules applicable to this contest.Participation in this contest implies full and complete acceptance of the present rules. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in nullity of participation.

Article II. Participation and access to the competition The submission of one or more photographs commits the Participant to irrevocably accept all the conditions of these rules. Any participation is conditional on the Participant being the author of the photographs. The Participant declares that he has full rights and powers to accept these rules. The Participant declares that he holds all authorizations, licenses, permits, rights of third parties, including but not limited to authorizations to exploit the image of persons or property. Participation in the contest is open to any natural person over the age of majority, with the exception of employees of the company. The number of photographs submitted to this contest for each participant (same name, email or postal address) is limited to a maximum of 5. Photographs must not exceed 3MB. Photographs must be in JPEG format. The organizer may cancel, on its own initiative, without notifying the participant, any photo submissions if the information is incomplete, illegible, counterfeit or made in contravention of these rules.

Article III. Principle and modalities of the competition Those wishing to participate are invited to go to the ibride website page: www.ibride-design/page/photo-contest, accessible directly or on by clicking on the contest tab. Photographs, titles and associated tags must not contain any visual element or word infringing on the privacy or image rights of a third party, must not appear on the photograph and in the tags any element of a defamatory, abusive, racist, xenophobic or contrary to law. The photograph of a work that is not that of the participant must be taken as an object in an environment and not as a close-up photograph of the work only.

Article IV. Use of photographs Within the exclusive framework of the promotion and communication of ibride, its websites, their promotion and that of its various contests, in all its forms and on all supports, of all press or other publications that it may produce or have produced, the organizer may use the photographs free of charge.

Article V. Name and image of the Participant

Section V.1 Any use of the photographs that allows this will mention the Participant's name or pseudonym.

Section V.2 The organiser undertakes to inform third parties, authorised by them to use the said photographs, of the existence of this obligation, but may not under any circumstances or in any way be considered responsible for its non-respect by the said third parties, to which the Participant consents.

Article VI. Ownership of photographs
By entering this contest, the participant irrevocably agrees to the use of the photographs as defined in these rules, it being specified that the participant remains the owner of the photographs he or she has submitted.

Article VII. Guarantees The photographer declares to be over 18 years of age. The Photographer declares that he has full rights and powers to enter into this contract. The Photographer declares that he holds all authorizations, licenses, permits, rights of third parties, including but not limited to authorizations to exploit the image of persons or property. The Photographer guarantees to ibride the free and peaceful exploitation of the photographs under these rules. The photographer thus guarantees ibride against any disturbance in the exploitation of the photographs under the present contract as well as against all claims, proceedings, actions or evictions from third parties likely to affect their peaceful enjoyment. The photographer thus guarantees to ibride the originality of the photograph and in particular that this one does not carry out any loan to a pre-existing work likely to generate claims of third parties so that ibride cannot in any way be disturbed by a third party and that its responsibility cannot be called into question during the exploitation of the photograph. The photographer guarantees that the photograph does not infringe on the rights of third parties and does not contain any defamatory content or infringements on the privacy, honour or reputation of third parties. In case of non-respect of these commitments, the photographer will be responsible for all costs, damages and interests, transaction amounts, reasonable consulting fees, incurred by ibride relating to a possible legal action taken by a third party notably on the basis of its previous rights and involving the photograph. ibride reserves the right to exclude any participant, without having to justify its decision, if it considers that the content provided by the participant (or any element of his participation) can be considered as : - devaluing for the organizers and therefore contrary to their material and/or moral interests; - may infringe French and Community legislation and in particular, without this list being exhaustive, if they consider that the work is : - contrary to public order and good morals - which is offensive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic or negationist or which harms the legitimate interests of third parties, which incites discrimination or hatred of a person or group of persons on the grounds of their origin or their membership or non-membership, real or presumed, of a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion; - pornography or paedophilia; - inciting to commit a crime, a crime or an act of terrorism or condoning war crimes or crimes against humanity, Consequently, the participants indemnify the organizers against any claims, liability, damages, losses or expenses (including legal fees) arising from or in connection with the breach of any of the warranties or commitments made under these rules. In accordance with the laws governing literary and artistic property rights, the reproduction and representation of all or part of the elements making up this contest are strictly prohibited. The brands mentioned are trademarks registered by their owner and as such protected. In addition, the organisers remain the exclusive holders of all copyrights to this competition.

Article IX. Special Conditions No special conditions.

Article X. In the event that the winner does not wish, for any reason whatsoever, to benefit from all or part of the prize won, under the conditions described in the present rules, he or she loses the full benefit of said prize and may not claim any compensation, consideration or reimbursement in cash.The prizes of any kind whatsoever, unclaimed, within the framework of this operation will not be put back into the competition. Without prejudice to any legal action and its right to cancel the participant's registration, the organising company is not obliged to send any prize or winnings to the beneficiary participant if the latter has not correctly entered his or her details at the time of registration, if he or she has obviously, by any means, succeeded in distorting the result of a competition or has not complied with these rules. The prizes are neither transferable nor exchangeable for an object or for any monetary value. The prize may not be contested, reimbursed in cash or exchanged for any consideration of any kind whatsoever.

Article XI. Procedure and modalities for the attribution of the winnings at stake The jury is made up of professionals. It organizes itself as it sees fit within the framework of its work in order to make a sovereign decision by selecting 3 finalists of the competition. The selection is made in several stages: 1. Moderation: The submitted photographs are pre-selected, not selected or blacklisted. They are pre-selected if they comply with these rules and present a minimum of artistic quality. They are not selected if they comply with these rules but are not suitable for participation in the competition for any reason whatsoever. They will be blacklisted if they contravene these rules. The 3 selected photographs are presented on ibride's social networks Facebook and Instagram in order to be submitted to the final community vote. At the end of each stage, the authors of the qualified photographs will be informed by email. It is reminded that a participant is identified by the contact information he or she will have provided when registering. In case of dispute, only the listings of the organizing company are authentic.

Article XII. Force Majeure In the event of force majeure or if circumstances so require, the Organiser reserves the right to amend these rules, postpone, modify or cancel the competition. The Organiser shall not be held liable for any such modifications.

Article XII. Responsibility As the Internet is not a secure network, the Organiser cannot be held responsible for contamination by any viruses or intrusion by a third party into the system of the contest participants' terminal and declines all responsibility for the consequences of participants connecting to the network via the website. The Organiser declines all responsibility in the event of malfunctioning of its Internet network, in particular due to acts of external malevolence that would prevent the smooth running of the game. The Organiser cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to participants, their computer equipment and the data stored on it, as well as the consequences that may result from this on their personal or professional activity. Furthermore, the Organiser cannot be held liable for any problems of delivery or loss of postal or electronic mail. Furthermore, the Organizer cannot be held liable for technical problems related to the various platforms. The Organiser reserves the right to interrupt access to the Organiser's website and the game it contains at any time, in particular for technical reasons of updating and maintenance. The Organizer declines all responsibility in the event of any incident that may occur during the use or enjoyment of the prize. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for any theft or loss that may occur during the delivery of the prize. No telephone or written request concerning the interpretation or application of these rules, the mechanisms or terms of the contest, or the list of winners will be answered.

Article XIV. Data-processing laws and freedoms The information provided by the participants may be used for computer processing. In all cases, it is recalled that in accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, amended by Act No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and Decree No. 2005-1309 of 20 October 2005, participants have the right to access, query, oppose, rectify and delete data concerning them by contacting the contest organizer upon request. Requests should be sent to the following address:

Article XV. Rules These rules are also accessible from the competition entry form. Participation in the contest entails full and complete acceptance of these rules without reservation. By registering on the site, the participant certifies that he or she satisfies all the conditions required to participate in the contest and agrees to use the site in compliance with the terms of these rules.

Article XVI. Dispute Any dispute must be formulated by letter addressed to the competition organizer. No dispute or claim relating to the competition may be taken into account after one month from the closing date of the competition, as evidenced by the postmark. This letter must indicate the participant's full contact details and the exact reason for the dispute. Any question relating to the interpretation and application of these rules and of the competition will be settled by a letter sent to the participant. These decisions are final.