Survey - Price Draw

To celebrate the arrival of the summer season, ibride gives you a chance to win creations from the house's iconic collections.

Take a quick survey and try to win an iconic ibride product.

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Game Process:

- From 6/23 to 7/07 at midnight, take part in the draw by taking the survey below

- At the end of the draw, 3 winners will be randomly selected.

- On 7/15, the final winners will be determined by random draw.

Find the rules of the game here.

Discover the prizes

Petites présences

The decorative birds of the new ibride collection pay homage to small wild presences, to their furtive meeting, to the beauty of the untamable.


The plates, dishes and other pieces of the Faux Semblants collection will enhance your dishes by combining art and culinary talent.

Galerie de portraits - Goupil

As well trays as paintings, the curious creations of the Gallery of Portraits play double game and escort us from the kitchen to the living room with elegance.