ibride has brought together all of its most talented designers to meet a special demand for a made-to-measure creation. The prolific creativity of ibride enables it to be attentive to customers’ desires, to adapt to their universe but above all to improve and refine ideas and to give real meaningto its projects. The exploration of materials and the quality of its manufacturing process allow ibride to focus projects on robustness and durability, especially when they are intended for public places.

For ibride, a project is an opportunity to combine finesse, singularity and practicality by taking inspiration from the infinite variety of textures and surfaces of nature to create unique spaces, just like the owners.


The former Institute of Zoology in Bordeaux  is acquired by a couple of passionate architects, owners of 5 hotels in Paris and Sienna, to make it a 4-star hotel.This prestigious place,  inspired by geology, botany and zoology is invested by custom-made ibride creations that animate its common areas. A special relationship quickly develops between ibride and the owners, both of whom are driven by common values and inspirations. With great creative freedom, the design house reinvents itself through the use of new materials and thus contributes to the personality of the place by using multiple animal and plant evocations.

Benoît Convers designs each piece with local craftsmen, from creation to conception, he endows his creations with a disconcerting harmony imbued with unique know-how. He equips  the entrance with two Corten steel lions and marble spheres, the reception area with a solid elm piece of furniture that looks like a herd of cattle and is decorated with engravings of animal textures, the bar with a faceted granite countertop that evokes geological strata, the lobby with a seating system with unique engravings and finally the garden is lit by outdoor lamps in the form of cattle egrets. 


Former tourist office created in 1969, this pavilion designed by the architect Michel Demange for the city of Besançon has been transformed into a gastronomic restaurant. The development of this exceptional place in a green setting has been entrusted to ibride. 

The project includes several fitted out spaces: on the first floor, a kitchen open onto the dining room for 50 people, as well as a bar itself open onto a terrace on the water's edge.

To protect the intimacy of the room and the exclusivity of the restaurant, Benoit Convers imagined a 13-metre long green marble wall on the street side, to act as a screen for the bustle of the square.

In the room were imagined alcoves, hosting a series of portraits facing each other, created by Rachel Convers, inviting greed and seduction.

The cafeteria, with a theatrical effect, is masked by the engraving of a huge relief plan of the town which refers to the original function of the place, former tourist office.

In order to underline the immateriality of the walls, Benoit Convers had fun crossing the space with a flight of brass starlings, which fly over the room, are reflected in the glazing and escape to the outside.

Finally, in partnership with La Rochère's glasswork, ibride produced a piece of glass cladding, specially designed for this project. Lacquered in deep green on the back, it covers the long countertop of the open kitchen.   

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