The Hidden chairs collection is a reinterpretation of three iconic chairs of the history of design.

 The first model, Hidden Shaker, pays homage to the manifest-chair of the Shaker movement, remarkable for its lack of ornaments and its functionalism.


Le second s’inspire des créations à l’aube du mouvement moderne de l’architecte autrichien Otto Wagner et porte par conséquent le nom de Hidden Wagner.

Hidden Terence ibride

L’assise Hidden Terence quant à elle, réinterprète un fauteuil de la dynastie Ming, avec ses lignes essentielles, ses valeurs de simplicité et de raffinement ainsi que son archétypal dossier en fer à cheval. 

Hidden Shaker Ibride

Hidden Shaker

Hidden Wagner ibride

Hidden Wagner

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Hidden Terence

Through Hidden Chairs, Benoît Convers wanted to translate the philosophy of Ibride by proposing a privileged and singular relationship between the user and the object and create an illusion game around a chair revered from its silhouette. By a sophisticated optical illusion, these unstructured seats disturb our bearings and affects our logic. Indeed, seen from a precise angle we discover an anamorphosis where the original emblematic chairs are revealed. But when you move around them, the original silhouette disappears, the bearings become blurred, revealing a visual spectacle where armrests, bars and backrest are intertwined. The simplicity of the original object is reversed to create a complex sculptural object.

The graphic confusion that disturbs our senses does not stop there: the second surprise is to turn the chair so that we can sit down. It is not on the initially perceived seat that we can rest....