Unique design objects made with care.

For over 25 years at Ibride, we've shared a passionate curiosity for creating families of objects and furniture that convey emotion. Our creative approach is guided by authenticity, poetry and a deep connection with nature.

Embodying the sensibilities of the artists and designers we select, our collections are timeless. They draw their uniqueness from universal notions such as the classical arts, nature and the animal world. They bring a vibrant, bold presence to the spaces in which they are created, and connect with their surroundings.

Sultan tabouret chien ibride design


Creation of Sultan, first piece of Mobilier de Compagnie by Benoît Convers

Diva Console Autruche Ibride


Diva: Salon Discovery Award Maison&Objet

Joe bibliothèque ours ibride


Creation of the library bear Joe by Benoît Convers. 

Ming Rouge Ibride


Creating the vase Ming which opens the Faux-Semblants.

Plateau Ambroise Ibride


Launch of the collection Galerie de Portraits by Rachel Convers. 

Hidden Chairs Ibride


Creation of the Hidden Chairs by Benoît Convers.

Fauteuil Manta Ibride


Lauch of the outdoor furniture range Extra-Muros.

Alpaga Meuble à franges ibride


New collection Alpaga,mysterious furniture with long silky coats.

Chaperon Alcove Murale Ibride


Creation of Chaperon,wall alcove inspired by the votive niche, in collaboration with the studio Chape&Mache.

Cloches Morphose Guisset Ibride


Creation of Morphose bells, in collaboration with Constance Guisset Studio.

Luminaire Nocturne Ibride Jeanne Riot


Creation of lights Nocturne, in collaboration with Jeanne Riot.

​We work in harmony with our natural environment, located on the edge of a forest, and we constantly strive to innovate in order to minimize our environmental impact while offering unique products, the result of controlled production and exceptional finishing quality.


Portrait Carine Jannin Ibride

© twoforyougram

Carine Jannin


Advocating the exact opposite of the traditional idea of business, Carine Jannin has made choices that have led the brand along an enlightened path – that of the human. She is not a conventional Company Manager– even before it was fashionable to establish an open management structure, she encouraged collective intelligence and preferred to empower members of her staff. Behind her, the pack is organized in one and the same movement. To observe Carine Jannin is to note a sincere interest in other people, an unconditional commitment to the design house. It is to realize, even before a single word has been spoken, that sincerity is not an evil defect. It is also to become aware that indeed audacity, authenticity and singularity are always more profitable than opportunism or following trends. It is simply to trust. And that is rare. 

❝ What we're suggesting is dreaming, letting your imagination develop at home.


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