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Mural tray - 52 x 50 cm - Design Rachel & Benoît Convers - High Pressure Laminate - Made in France

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Inspired by the Medicis, the influential Italian family of the Renaissance, Rachel Convers imagines Margot and Urbin in the form of two pumas. The Galerie de Portraits collection reflects the multifaceted universe of the designer's imagination, brought to life on pictorial trays.


Margot, a sovereign figure from a particularly fruitful era in terms of art of culture, takes the shape of a puma as an expression of her lineage's power and perspective. 

Urbin puma ibride


​Urbin, Margot's imaginary husband, takes the form of a puma, as an expression of the power and perspective of his lineage. The animal, a personality with majestic behavior, imposes himself as a visionary master, guardian of the influence of his century. 


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Model Margot or Urbin
Material High Pressure Laminate
Weight 0,7 kgs
Dimension H.52 x L.50 cm
Country of manufacture France
Little extra Water and heat resistant | Dishwasher safe

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