Table Parodia Magnifica Ø 60 cm

Outdoor coffee table - H.50,6 x Ø60 cm - Design Florence Bourel - Material: High-pressure laminate - Made in France

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Ibride has teamed up with designer Florence Bourel to create Parodia Magnifica, a collection of round outdoor coffee tables. Inspired by the world of cacti, in particular the round Parodia Magnifica cactus, these tables highlight the beauty of nature and add a vegetal touch to outdoor spaces. For this creation, it offers a coffee table with a delicate design that reveals a giant succulent flower through its perforations.

With a height of 50 cm and a diameter of 60 cm, the Parodia Magnifica 60 coffee table is designed to complement the Parodia Magnifica 55 coffee tableParodia Magnifica 80 coffee table. This outdoor furniture is available in different sizes. Thanks to the complete range of colors, it is a harmonious, functional and colorful set of garden furniture. They are available in four matt shades: powder pink, deep green, midnight blue and white.

In addition to the tables, the Cholla outdoor stools, available in seven colors, complete the collection for perfect harmony with these outdoor coffee tables. Discover them here. 

Manufactured in France in our workshop in Besançon (25), the Parodia Magnifica outdoor coffee tables are made of a durable, hard-wearing material: High Pressure Laminate (HPL). This material is specially formulated to withstand the most extreme outdoor conditions, ensuring the optimum longevity of our tables. They are resistant to weather and temperature changes, and the light colors are also UV resistant.

Each table is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail to ensure maximum durability while maintaining a contemporary design. Built-in perforations allow water to drain easily, making our tables perfect for outdoor use, whether on a patio, in the garden or by the pool. Unlike metal tables, this material does not react to direct heat, ensuring optimum comfort no matter what the weather conditions.

What's more, our outdoor coffee tables come flat-packed to reduce their environmental footprint. Their simple, intuitive assembly makes them easy to assemble, so you can quickly enjoy their functionality in your outdoor space.

Use and care

Outdoor coffee tables are designed for durability and solidity. Their material makes them easy to clean with soap and water, and they can even be hosed down without risk of scratching. For darker shades, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight throughout the year to maintain their vibrancy and color.

tables basses rondes extérieur design de la marque Ibride collection Gardenia

An outdoor coffee table with reinvented codes

Ibride has teamed up with designer Florence Bourel to create La Parodia Magnifica, a trio of coffee tables with bases inspired by the world of cacti. For this creation, she has reappropriated this aesthetic and delivered a table with a delicate design that, through its perforations, reveals a giant succulent flower. This meticulous work is all the more meaningful as it complements the inspired base of the Parodia Magnifica.

salon de jardin design de la marque Ibride collection Gardenia

Outdoor furniture by Ibride

Whether you want to enhance your living room, patio or garden, this coffee table is perfect for any setting. Its weather-resistant design makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use. It's equally at home indoors, inviting nature into your everyday life.

Unlike metal tables, its material does not react to direct heat, providing maximum comfort in all climatic conditions. The perforated top allows water to drain away.

Size and color variations

Available in three heights and three tabletop sizes, the trio of coffee tables offers a wide range of design possibilities. The warm, lustrous color palette for fall and winter includes midnight blue, deep green and powder pink.

To discover all the secrets of the Gardenia collection, read our blog post here.


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Color Matte powder pink or Matte deep green or Matte white
Material High Pressure Laminate
Weight 10 kgs
Use Indoor / Outdoor
Dimension Ø 60 cm, H. 50,6 cm
Country of manufacture France
Type Coffee table
Designer Florence Bourel

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