French design objects, full of emotion and poetry.

Welcome to the world of Ibride, where each of our creations is designed to bring a touch of refinement and poetry to your home, while respecting the ethical and ecological principles that we defend. Whether you are looking for a designer furniture, a decorative object or a unique piece, our dreamlike world is full of surprises and inspiration.


Ensemble de table de jardin Ibride
Patère Murale en forme de mains Ibride
Tableaux portraits Collector Statue Ibride
Cobreaux décoratifs Ibride



Ibride s’associe à la designeuse Florence Bourel pour créer La Parodia Magnifica, un trio de tables basses dont les piétements font référence au monde des cactus. 



Embodying the sensibilities of designers, our collections are timeless. Our creations are thought outside the framework of trends and draw their uniqueness from universal notions, such as classical arts, nature and the animal world. They endow the spaces in which they evolve with a vibrant and daring presence and create a connection with their surroundings.

  « The permanence of objects, like that of relationships, remains at the top of our concerns. » 


At ibride, for more than 25 years, we have combined complementary talents and shared a passionate curiosity to create families of objects and furniture that convey emotions. To ensure that the stories told by our objects last for generations, we place particular importance in our design and production methods.



French designers

Our creations are thought and developed by French designers and embody their sensibilities.

Local production 

Our collections are made with passion in our workshops or by partners chosen for their eco-friendly and inclusive methods.


Quality of materials

We pay particular attention to the quality of materials and their origin, mostly European.



We are committed to offering our customers quality furniture and objects, designed to last. We want to build a sustainable brand that reflects the values of our company.

is present in more than 50 countries and 600 sales outlets


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Bespoke projects

The exploration of materials and the quality of its manufacturing process allow Ibride to focus its projects on robustness and durability, especially when they are intended for public places.


Architects service

Reception areas, gardens and terraces, coworking spaces, hotels, restaurants, lounges and cafés... All these spaces deserve more than just a design: they deserve to be filled with unique and inimitable pieces.


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