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Mural tray - High Pressure Laminate
Made in France

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 Grands plateaux à utiliser pour le service, puis à exposer librement au mur comme une œuvre picturale, une peinture mythologique.

La Cigogne plateau tableau ibride
La Cigogne

The fox's trickery is legendary, yet this popular fable is made up of two parts: in the first one, the stork falls into the trap of the cunning but in the second one, the fox fallsinto its own trap, this time set by a stork more ingenious than expected.

La pie plateau tableau ibride
La Pie

Chatty and talkative, La Pie, wearing a rich floral arrangement, catches the eye with her mischievous eye.

Alma plateau tableau ibride

Calm and serenity seem to emanate from Alma, even though she's wearing a blue crane on her head, who is staring at distant horizons, a few nomadic aspirations or guilty escapes to her apparent propriety. 


Model Alma or La Pie or Mme la Cigogne
Material birch high pressure laminate
Weight 0,6 kgs
Dimension H. 46 x 31cm
Country of manufacture Moulded in Sweden, cut and packed in France
Little extra Water and heat resistant | Dishwasher safe