De Bonnes Mains

A collection that celebrates the artisan's touch

Craftsmanship in the service of design

A trio of objects with strong symbolism

Design house Ibride is delighted to announce a new collaboration with designer Elsa Pochat to create the "De Bonnes Mains" collection, a set of wall hooks in the shape of hands. Her first set of three is cleverly called "Des Mains Habiles" (Skilful Hands).

​Each of these hands adopts a unique position, recalling the gesture of a craftsman working the material to give life to an object. These coat hooks are much more than a simple utilitarian object: by choosing this part of the body, the designer wanted to pay tribute to the craftsman's gesture, to his ability to transform raw materials, to the nobility of irreplaceable manual skills.This reference to craftsmanship also underlines the importance of responsible manufacturing, encouraging us to pay attention to the provenance and quality of the products we consume.

As well as the craftsmanship aspect, the designer has also drawn her inspiration from the classical arts, and in particular from the pictorial works of the Renaissance, allowing her to emphasize the importance of craftsmanship and manual work in that period.

Des Mains Habiles - Patères Murales

Artisan’s hands crafted in marquetry

The distinctive feature of these coat hooks is their surface, which is composed of different materials inserted using the marquetry technique that has been used since Antiquity and is considered to be a high-quality traditional decorative art. Made from inserts of metal and wood, these marquetry parts symbolize the places where the craftsman's hand comes into contact with the material. These subtle details add an artistic dimension to the object and underline the beauty and complexity of the craft creation process.

These hands are an invitation to realize the value of each object, and the story it tells through the hands that shaped it.

Patère Murale Des Mains Habiles1
Patère Murale Des Mains Habiles2
Patère Murale Des Mains Habiles3

Elsa Pochat, a rising star of design

Both an interior architect and a designer, Elsa Pochat is a rising star in the design world, and in her work she emphasises elements such as materials, know-how and the quality of local, artisanal and environmental production. In 2020, she founded her own design studio and since 2023 she has been in residence at Les Ateliers de Paris. The collaboration between Ibride and Elsa Pochat came about thanks to the French Design platform, which promotes object design and facilitates meetings between designers and design editors. The instant connection between the designer and Ibride stems from a number of shared sources of inspiration. These include their attention to detail, their commitment to environmentally-friendly French manufacturing, their constant quest for elegance, and their shared passion for the classical arts.
Designeuse Elsa Pochat

French manufacturing

A 100% Made In France collection

Ibride coat hooks are the most handcrafted product in our entire range. They are meticulously crafted in our workshops, using marquetry techniques and the assembly of wood and metal parts that ensure delicacy and finesse in their design.

The result is a fluid transition from one material to another, with no abrupt transitions.

The wood is laser-cut, while the gilded parts in wood and aluminum are CNC-cut, giving a highly precise finish.

These hooks are designed for easy wall assembly and come flat-packed, making them easy to transport and install. 

Leur construction particulièrement résistante garantit une durabilité accrue, faisant de ces patères de véritables pièces d'exception pour la décoration des espaces.

A collection of sensitive design and controlled manufacturing.