A collection of sensitive design and controlled manufacturing.

A trio of uniquely designed coffee tables

​Outdoor tables with reinvented codes

Ibride has teamed up with the talented Florence Bourel to create Gardenia, a trio of coffee tables that take up one of the major codes of outdoor furniture: the perforations on the tabletop, which allow water to run off.

Florence Bourel has re-appropriated this aesthetic, creating a table with a sensitive design which, through its multiple perforations, reveals an immense Succulent flower. This meticulous work is all the more meaningful as it complements the cactus-shaped base, inspired by the Parodia Magnifica.

Tables Basses d'exterieur Ibride France
Table Basse Ibride Forme de fleur
Cactus Rond

Design intent: putting nature at the center

Inspired by the beauty of gardens and outdoor spaces, Florence Bourel has designed Gardenia with harmony and coherence in mind: the tables go far beyond their function of use, and resemble elements from the outdoor environment. In this way, she puts nature and plants back at the center, and completes the Ibride ecosystem with this invitation to integrate and celebrate nature in everyday life.
Designer Florence Bourel Portrait
From her mixed origins in Brittany and Africa, Florence Bourel retains the need to mix influences through poetic creations with clean, timeless lines. Her work is a constant dialog between savoir-faire, modernity and sustainability. The graphic strength and colorful power of each of her creations transports us into her universe, which is imbued with a thousand colors.
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Outdoor furniture, resistant and modular

Available in three heights and three tabletop sizes, the Gardenia trio offers a wide range of design possibilities. Like the plants they're inspired by, the tables are equally at home on a balcony or in a living room. 

La Parodia Magnifica 55 - 35,6 x Ø55cm

La Parodia Magnifica 60 - 50,6 x Ø60cm

La Parodia Magnifica 80 - 40,6 x Ø55cm

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use: their vibrant colour palette and material make them perfect for all seasons, offering exceptional resistance to outdoor conditions. Unlike metal tables, the compact laminate used does not react to direct heat, offering maximum comfort of use whatever the weather conditions. Their ingenious design with microperforations makes water drainage practical and easy.. 

Made in France with the eco-impact label

Une collection 100% Made In France

The tables are carefully crafted in our workshop in Besançon..

The manufacture of the Gardenia collection is controlled down to the smallest detail. Indeed, the transparency of the process begins with the traceability of the material: compact HPL (High Pressure Laminate), a PEFC (Guardian of the Forest Balance) and FSC-certified material from our Italian supplier. The latter is a forerunner in the field of eco-responsibility and aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the short term, with an overall reduction of 28% and offsetting 25% of its emissions.

Once delivered, the HPL is transformed in our workshop using our own production tool: the computer numerical control. Here too, the material is optimized to reduce offcuts to a minimum. 

The tables are ingeniously designed for simple, glueless assembly, with every part detachable and repairable to limit waste and guarantee product durability for our customers.

Flat-packed in locally-produced kraft packaging, it also reduces environmental impact and takes up less space in transport trucks.

Eco Impact A and B scores

The new Ibride flagship collection achieved an excellent score in the Eco Impact test, which evaluates the environmental and social impact of products. Gardenia scored A on the social criterion, which examines social measures such as subcontracting, work integration, remuneration, health and safety. The assessment of environmental impact earned it a B score, and is based on analysis of the product's life cycle, taking into account elements such as raw materials (nature, place of extraction, transport, place of processing, subcontractor, rate of offcuts, certification, traceability), manufacturing (location, process, energy mix, small series, recycling of scraps), distribution, lifespan and end-of-life (resistance, modularity, reparability, guarantees, recycling circuits, circular economy). Thanks to its good performance in all these areas, the Gardenia collection demonstrates its commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

Score eco impact Ibride

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