Ming muse

Graphic creation inspired by the works of art of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Ming Muse

Ming Muse is the second collaboration between Maison ibride and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid since 1992. In the continuity of an artistic collaboration, the new Ming Muse follows the creation of the Yuan Eden, a masterpiece of the Faux-Semblants collection.The muse, a timeless source of inspiration for many painters, poets, artists... The muse, real or imaginary, always intrigues and fascinates. It is she who gives the courage to dare, incites to create.

She draws in multiple butterflies in shimmering colors, like the signature of a collection, they will once again colonize the ibride tableware created for the  Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.


She has almond-shaped eyes and a pale complexion similar to a Chinese porcelain but her origins remain unkown. Art historians have never found her true identity.


She was born a long time ago in the mind of an artist to represent perfection, the ideal beauty.

Enigmatic, she embodies the subject of desire wooed by large butterflies with pigmented wings.

The carnation offered to her is the flower chosen in the 16th century to express the passion of love.

The pink carnation symbolizes the aspiration of union and announces an engagement.

Its interior garden is an invitation to discover the works of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2
Clarico-3 Columns Style 2
Clarico-3 Columns Style 2

Selected Works

Avec à sa disposition le fond d’œuvres exceptionnel composé de la plus grande collection privée d’art d’Europe, la designer s'inspire d’un éventail d’œuvres aux styles divers. Rachel Convers s’est inspirée de nombreux artistes du seizième et dix-septième siècle. Dans une union entre l'art et le design, les différents tableaux se retrouvent et se dévoilent à travers ce service tout en délicatesse.

To create this ensemble, Rachel Convers let herself be transported by the feminine portrait of Hans Baldung Grien. Thus, Ming Muse unveils the inner garden of the enigmatic Thyssen Museum where large butterflies touch her face, as if fascinated by her timeless beauty.

Des notes florales inspirées des œuvres de Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer et Jacques Linard viennent saisir l'élégance de cette muse pour créer une collection sensible qui vient scénariser la table. L’œillet délicat de l'auto-portrait de Joos van Cleve s'invite entre les doigts fins de la Muse, comme un cadeau éternel et incongru.

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