Oopjen et Marten

The eternal love

One of the most famous couples in the history of art, painted by Rembrandt in 1634, the Soolmans are reinterpreted by Rachel Convers for ibride.

It is through the figure of rare birds in full courtship that lovers join the emblematic collection of the Galerie de Portraits.

Maerten Ibride Plateau


​With his proud appearance and haughty stance, Maerten lets small butterflies emerge from a golden cage like messengers of good luck... 

While a flutter of wings carries one of them on his motionless hand, the husband's peaceful gaze carries his assurance. 


Oopjen's femininity is underlined by her fan of white feathers and a rose that shows off her round belly.

A mole in the corner of her eye punctuates her head and the lace of her clothes is one with her white plumage. 

oopjen Plateau Ibride

A tribute to our cultural heritage, Rachel Convers depicts the couple through portraits of Dutch Capuchin figures, an echo of the painter's origins.

Eternal fidelity is not the only characteristic of this species. In fact, their proud appearance is reflected in the feathery headdress around their necks, giving them that distinctive look.

An inseparable couple

Adorned in their finest attire for their wedding day, these two lovers are linked for eternity. The oil paintings of the Soolmans are the joint property of the Rijksmuseum (Netherlands) and the Louvre (France).

Elles sont ainsi exposées alternativement entre ces deux musées et ne sont jamais séparées. Que ce soit lors de leur conservation, de leur exposition ou même de leur voyage d'un pays à l'autre, les deux œuvres sont complémentaires. C'est donc l'occasion pour la France et le Pays-Bas de présenter au public un couple devenu désormais inséparable.

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Photo communauté Ibride
Photo communauté Ibride
Photo communauté Ibride
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