Small bear bookshelf - H.63 x H.120 x P.34 cm - Design Rachel & Benoît Convers - Material: High Pressure Laminate - Made in France

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Smaller than her predecessors Junior and Joe, June is ideal for interiors where space is at a premium. Her weight and structure make her easy to move around, allowing it to be placed in the bedroom or on the terrace. Her many small compartments make her the keeper of treasures and favourite plants or the host of games for the little ones.

Capsule Blossom

The Capsule Blossom pigments the most iconic pieces of the Mobilier de Compagnie collection with exclusive hues. These animal presences challenge traditional colour codes to spice up interiors. It's up to everyone to tame this boisterous furniture. The strength of this capsule lives up to our expectations for this new spring: bright and vibrant!

Collection Mobilier de Compagnie

Sculptural tribe, the Mobilier de Compagnie domesticates animal shapes as much evidence into interior or exterior landscapes of the contemporary home. Elegant and robust, the bear bookshelves, ostrich console tables or donkey desks blend into interior or exterior landscapes of the contemporary home in an obvious way.

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Color Brushed black or blanc or rose poudré brillant or rouge brillant or Fraise mat or Fougère mat or Bouton d'or mat or Lavande mat or Blanc mat
Material High Pressure Laminate
Usage Indoor / Outdoor
Dimension H.63 x L.120 x P.34 cm
Country of manufacture France
Little extra Water and heat resistant

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