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Mural tray - 62,5 x 45 cm - Design Rachel & Benoît Convers - High Pressure Laminate - Made in France

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Marla and Abel

The duos Marla and Abel embody the blend of two pictorial styles: the codes of portraiture are mixed with those of still life. The bright yellow of the fruit and flowers, and Abel's under-jacket, give these works a whimsical character that challenges the rules of portraiture, contrasts with the dark background tones and creates emotion. While Marla dreams of Abel behind her flowery eye, Abel thinks of adventure and looks mysteriously into the distance..

Garance and Aimé

Lovers in masks, Aimé and Garance are having fun seducing each other, revealing only half of themselves.

Fruit and flowers bring out all the elegance of the dandy in Aimé, while Garance, masked and wearing a glowing headdress, brings out the unusual in this neo-classical 19th century painting.


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Model Abel or Marla or Aimé or Garance
Material compact birch laminate
Weight 1,5 kgs
Dimension H.62,5 x 45 cm
Country of manufacture France
Little extra Water and heat resistant | Dishwasher safe

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