Portrait Collector Éléna


Limited, numbered edition - Framed in solid laminate and printed on pressed paper - Made in France - Design Rachel Convers

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The awakening of the Olympian goddesses

 Rachel Convers's two new creations, named Téa and Elena, are a celebration of the goddesses of Olympus. Imbued with an ethereal lightness, the majestic sculptures of Téa and Elena stand proudly, carved in a dazzlingly pure white marble, alabaster. This diaphanous dominant contrasts with the pre-established codes of the Collector collection, and affirms Rachel Convers's new artistic choice.

The duality of the godesses of Alabaster

In the context of the goddesses Téa and Elena, the question of gender emerges. The two deities seem to transcend patriarchal boundaries, simultaneously embodying feminine traits as well as elements borrowed from the masculine register. The artist is once again seeking to establish the ambiguity of gender. The femininity of Elena, whose name refers to the sun, is immediately apparent through the flowers and the chignon. However, the artist creates a contrast by including a butterfly close to the heart, like a messenger of amorous disorder.


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Material Frame in HPL and print on compressed paper
Weight M : 3,4 | L : 7kgs | XL : 9kgs
Usage Indoor
Dimension L : H.85 x L.64 x P.4 cm
Finish Matte frame
Country of manufacture France
Model Elena
Little extra S : limited series of 1000 pieces | M : limited series of 500 pieces | L : limited series of 300 pieces | XL : limited series of 100 pieces | XXL : limited series of 100 pieces

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