Mural tray - High Pressure Laminate
Made in France

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weight: 0,3 kgs
dimension: H.27 x L.20 cm
country of manufacture: Moulés en Suède, découpés en France
little extra: water and heat resistant | dishwasher safe

General conditions

"Le Boudoir", a series of trays in the shape of medallions, gives an amused portrayal of day birds, avid intellectuals and courteous babblers, who filled the social salons of the 19th century. 
 Small trays to be used to serve the guests, they can then be displayed freely on a wall as a pictorial work, a mythological painting. 

Lovebirds plateau tableau ibride
The Lovebirds

Rosita and Honoré, two charming characters who have fallen in love, have escaped from the frame to play the inseparables.  

Isild plateau tableau ibride

 Isild, an official confidante, has a perplexed look like an ingenue but a slightly mocking spoken word like a female bird full of quick responses. 

Achille plateau tableau ibride

Achille, a generous bon vivant, is Isild's alter ego: his happy temperament in no way sacrifices his great shrewdness. 

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