Plateaux XL | Les Majestueux

Mural tray - 61 x 46 cm - Design Rachel & Benoît Convers - High Pressure Laminate - Made in France

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plateau majestueux ibride

Les Majestueux

The Galerie de Portraits collection reflects the multifaceted universe of Rachel Convers' imaginary world, brought to life on pictorial trays. Each figure tells its own story.

In this strange gallery, anthropomorphic animals are treated with the same aesthetic as classical paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries, creating a fascinating fusion of traditional and contemporary art.

Tassi plateau ibride


A new heroine with an ingenuous expression, Tassi is not an easy gentle as she is powerful, the impassive creature with her concise eloquence commands respect. No slyness shines in her eyes, her conviction is superior: only the inversion of powers nourishes the hope of a possible harmony.

ambroise plateau ibride


The first of the illustrious lineage, the eldest of the portraits would almost amuse the gallery! Eccentric, a bit paunchy and strangely medallioned, the aristocratic hummingbird is nevertheless a cultured and courteous character who commands respect.

Le Loup plateau ibride

Le Loup

They have been embedded in our memories for so long. The cruelty of the wolf before the innocence of the lamb, these characters with unlimited ambitions are inspired by the court of the Palace of Versailles, where, in the shadow of the King, an elegant and refined fauna evolves...

Cornelius plateau ibride


What if man was just an ape like the others? Cornelius, in his royal costume, poses with a touching expression that reflects human feelings. In his eyes there is a certain wisdom.

Goupil plateau ibride


The cunning of the fox is legendary, yet this popular fable is made up of two parts: in the first, the stork unsurprisingly falls into the cunning man's trap, but in the second part, the fox falls into his own trap, this time set by a more ingenious stork than expected.

Zhao plateau ibride


Depicted under the innocent guise of a rabbit, the Chinese empress Zhao hides with grace and skill a cruel temperament. She led her country with an iron hand in a velvet glove. Avant-gardist and feminist, she had an ideogram created for her alone...


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Model Tassi or Ambroise or Zhao or Cornélius or Le Goupil or Le loup
Material compact birch laminate
Weight 1,5 kgs
Dimension H.61 x L.46 cm
Country of manufacture Molded in Sweden, cut and packed in France
Little extra Water and heat resistant | Dishwasher safe

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