Ostrich wall console - Made in France - High Pressure Laminate - HS 940389

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Diva Console Autruche Ibride


Airy, the Diva ostrich seems ready to take flight in a crazy race and defies the laws of gravity with its two feet barely anchored to the ground. Designed to lean against the wall, the elegant, ornamental and practical console creates surprise and asserts its eccentric femininity in the interiors it inhabits.

Collection Mobilier de Compagnie

Sculptural tribe, the Mobilier de Compagnie domesticates animal shapes as much evidence into interior or exterior landscapes of the contemporary home. Elegant and robust, the bear bookshelves, ostrich console tables or donkey desks blend into interior or exterior landscapes of the contemporary home in an obvious way.

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Color Brushed black or blanc or rose poudré brillant or rouge brillant or amarante mat or Fraise mat or Fougère mat or Bouton d'or mat or Lavande mat
Material High Pressure Laminate
Weight 6 kgs
Usage Indoor / Outdoor
Dimension H.76 x L.71 x P.25 cm
Country of manufacture France
Little extra Water and heat resistant
Type Ostrich wall console

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