Hope Jewel


Pin - Design Aurel Rubbish - Material: Gold Solid brass - Made in France

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Hope is a gold-plated brass brooch with a pin that can be worn on a jacket, scarf, hat or piece of clothing. This flower brooch by artist Aurel Rubbish is a true artistic statement. This subtly elegant jewel evokes the balance between the power and fragility of nature. 

Each piece of jewellery comes with its own storage box, offering a practical solution for preserving and protecting your precious accessory when it's not being worn..

Available in 2 colours: vivid blue and obsidian black. 

The Hope brooch, made in France, is produced in solid brass screen-printed in black or blue. It also has a protective varnish that makes it resistant to oxidation. Non-allergenic and resistant, brass is made from an alloy of copper and zinc. 

To ensure the durability of your Hope jewellery, store it in its box when not in use and avoid contact with water, cosmetics and cleaning products.

To care for your jewellery, opt for a microfibre cloth to clean it gently and avoid any risk of scratches.

Broche en laiton doré et bleu de la marque Ibride

The Hope gold brooch, an artistic statement about nature 

Hope is a jewel of subtle elegance, evoking the delicate balance between power and fragility. Made from screen-printed solid brass, this brooch is a piece of jewellery that transcends the boundaries of fashion. Created by artist Aurel Rubbish, it is a true artistic statement.

Broche en laiton doré et noir en forme de fleur. Marque Ibride

A flower that inspires

The Hope brooch is like a flower in full bloom, with its petals fully extended. Every detail of this jewel's vivid, precise design is captivating, revealing the beauty of ephemeral nature. The delicate drips, like crystalline tears, create a fleeting emotion, reminding us of the fragility of our natural world. 

At the heart of this delicate flowering is a well-kept secret: a benevolent eye watching us, reminding us of our central role in preserving the planet.

Broche en laiton doré et noir portée sur un vêtement, une chemise noire. Broche de la marque Ibride

A duty to protect nature

The Hope jewel invites us to meditate on our responsibility towards the fleeting beauty of the plant world that surrounds us. 

Each wearer of "Hope" becomes a guardian of the future, a link in the balance between man and nature. This wearable piece is much more than a simple piece of brass jewellery : it's a silent statement, a poignant reminder that beauty is precious and fragile. 


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Color Bleu Saphir or Obsidian Noir
Material Brass
Weight 22 g
Use Pin
Dimension L.7 x H.8 cm
Country of manufacture France

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