Goose bedside table with light - Made in France - High Pressure Laminate

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Junon Mobilier de Compagnie ibride


Legendary protector of the Capitol, ancestral guardian of countryside farms, Junon the goose gracefully watches over the nights of great dreamers. The helpful goose, a bedside table equipped with a USB port to power up cell phones, creates a poetic atmosphere: wearing a pivoting lampshade, she allows subtle louvered rays of light to filter through the room. 

Collection Mobilier de Compagnie

Sculptural tribe, the Mobilier de Compagnie domesticates animal shapes as much evidence into interior or exterior landscapes of the contemporary home. Elegant and robust, the bear bookshelves, ostrich console tables or donkey desks blend into interior or exterior landscapes of the contemporary home in an obvious way.


Colour Brushed black or Glossy white or Glossy powder pink or Glossy red or Matt amarante or Matt strawberry or Matt fern or Matt buttercup or Matt lavender
Material High pressure laminate
Weight 7,5 kgs
Use Indoor
Dimension H.95 x L.76 x P.35 cm
Country of manufacture France
Little extra Led lighting - Usb port - Hidden drawer
Type Goose bedside lamp