Trivets Cassiopée

5 Trivets - Design Ibride - Black and brushed gold -Material: Fenix - Made in France

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The trivets in the Constellation collection transform the kitchen into a cosmic canvas. Not only are they designed to protect surfaces, they can also be hung on the wall thanks to a clever magnetic system. Their design transforms a simple accessory into a functional piece of art in your kitchen.

Inspired by Cassiopee, this series includes five trivets, each representing a star in this iconic constellation. Each piece is fitted with a magnet for simple handling, making them easy to hang and remove from your wall. On the table, these trivets warmly welcome your hottest dishes, inviting pots, pans, sauté pans and stockpots to join in a dinner under the stars.

Made in France with care in our workshop in Besançon (25), this trivet set is produced from black Fenix®, a high-quality material with a delicate feel. Also embellished with gold metal marquetry inlays, these pieces represent the different stars, offering an elegant, high-end touch.

Resistant to scratches, water and heat, Fenix® is designed for intensive use in the kitchen, ensuring remarkable, star-studded longevity. It gives our products a soft feel and anti-fingerprint properties.

Water and heat resistant, the trivets in the Constellation collection are easy to clean. A simple wipe with a sponge is all it takes to clean them!

Constellation Cassiopée avec les dessous de table muraux de la marque Ibride

Wall-hung trivets

The objects in the Constellation collection redefine the world of the kitchen by unfolding on the wall like a cosmic canvas, a daily reminder of the beauty and mysteries of the sky.

These new products, designed and manufactured by Ibride in France, take up a theme dear to the brand: giving objects a double life, like the trays in the Galerie de Portrait. Here, the Big Dipper appears as a mural representation of this mythical constellation.

MAtière Fénix des Dessous de plat de la marque Ibride

Cosmic trivets 

Their decorative status comes alive when they're used, turning them into real trivets that are perfectly suited to intensive use in the kitchen: scratch-resistant, waterproof and resistant to high heat.

Each piece can be unhooked and, once laid out on a table, these trivets are the perfect place for your hottest dishes. Pots, pans, sauté pans and saucepans are invited to share the stage, for a dinner under the stars.


étoiles de la constellation cassiopée sur les dessous de plat de la marque Ibride


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Material Fenix
Color Noir et doré
Use Trivet
Dimension Ø12 < Ø22 cm
Country of manufacture France
Little extra Water and heat resistant

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