Stackable set of plates and dishes - Made in Thailand - Melamine

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Its pure shape pays homage to the famous Asian vase of the same name, but its graphic content is a different story...
Once split, the subtle china cabinet, made of plates and salad bowls, immerses guests in a familiar mythology.

Yuan narcisse Faux-semblants vaisselle ibride

Yuan Narcisse

Variations around the reflection of a face hardly heckled by the flowers and other aquatic undulations, the series readily evokes the wanderings of Narcissus.


Yuan Osorio

Yuan Osorio reveals the captive and saturated memory of a woman who languishes in the magnificence of the park of the Portuguese palace of Bussaco.


Yuan Osorio Faux-semblants vaisselle ibride
Yuan Parnasse Faux-semblants vaisselle ibride

Yuan Parnasse

Yuan Parnasse invites you to a bucolic stroll in a park with frozen faces and worked stone...


Yuan Eden

Yuan Eden is the story of an enchanting garden with mysterious golden fruit, where tiny white butterflies invite us to go astray. Each fluttering of the eyelashes, eachbutterfly’s wing beckons us to fly over bodies, to delicately caress fruit and bare skin.

Yuan Eden Faux-semblants vaisselle ibride

Collection Faux-Semblants



model Noir / Narcisse or Blanc | osorio or Gris | Parnasse or Rouge | Eden
material mélamine alimentaire
dimension H.30 * Ø25cm
country of manufacture Thaïlande
info passe au lave-vaisselle, pas de micro onde