Alpaga Family

The mysterious furniture of the Alpaga family seems to breathe under their long soft coat. With a new way of approaching the animal world, the members of this collection offer a new experience for their owners who, after adopting them, will have to give them a lot of softness, attention and esteem. 


4,339.00 € 3,615.83 € 4339.0 EUR
Cabinet - High Pressure Laminate - Made in France
Baby Alpaga
897.00 € 747.50 € 897.0 EUR
Cabinet - High Pressure Laminate - Made in France
Lady Alpaga
1,996.00 € 1,663.33 € 1996.0 EUR
Luxury Cabinet - HPL - Made in France

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The result of meticulous creative work and meticulous shaping, the Ibride pieces dress and inhabit an interior full of poetry and delicacy. 

Zoomorphic furniture and other pieces of furniture, Galerie de portrait, tableware, wall art, the Ibride creations are all charged with history and emotion and will bring a deep and familiar presence to the home. 

The Ibride designers fix a memory, a moment of life, invite to dream. For your Ibride online purchase, find the creation that suits you. 

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