Stackable set of dishes - Design Rachel & Benoît Convers - Material: Melamine - Made in Thailand

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Ming Alhambra

​Ming Alhambra, punctuated by a unique floral universe, is a journey into the story surrounding the princess Zaira, who is held in the Alhambra Palace. Zaira's eyes are intertwined with floral elements that are inseparable from the palace, as well as a discreet fauna that is emblematic of the designer's work.

Ming Muse

Ming Muse is the result of a collaboration between ibride and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.
Ming Muse reveals the inner garden of the Thyssen Museum's enigmatic beauty where large butterflies brush against her face, as if fascinated by her timeless beauty.

Ming muse Faux-Semblants vaisselle ibride
Ming Rouge Faux-Semblants vaisselle ibride

Ming Rouge

Ming China Red rolls out photographic fractions of a China tinged with nostalgia. In the style of a darkroom, the container thus unveils a wide shot to close-ups of a sophisticated and elegant Asia from the early 20th century..

Ming Acqua

Ming Acqua invites you to plunge little by little into the abyssal darkness of a dreamlike aquatic world, under the benevolent and heady eye of a butterfly woman.

Ming Acqua Faux-Semblants vaisselle ibride

Collection Faux-Semblants

The Faux-Semblants, objects in the shape of tributes, inherited their clean lines from distant cultures. Make no mistake about it: their ornamental aspect have a surprise in store. Made up of harmoniously stacked eclectic containers, the Faux-Semblants may also be unstacked to unveil privileged companions of an enhanced and bountiful, surprising and generous table.



Model Blanc Acqua or China Red or Sable | Muse or Gris | Alhambra
Material food-grade melamine
Dimension H. 39 | Diamètre 22cm
Country of manufacture Thailand

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