Stackable set of plates and dishes - Made in Thailand - Melamine

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Qing Alhambra

In a pinkish ochre exterior, a metaphor for the stone of the Alhambra Palace, Qing contains a unique floral melody. The history of this place and the designer's memories of it are told inside the vase. Innovative in the sequencing of the elements, moving in the superimposition of colours, Qing immerses us in the unique world of the Alhambra through its containers of equal volume and adapted to hors d'oeuvres. Through mint green and powder pink tones, he delivers the poetic testimony of Rachel Convers.

Qing River

The story of this new Faux-Semblant in the silhouette of a Qing vase is inspired by a famous Chinese quote from the last of the Four Extraordinary Books of China, The Dream in the Red Pavilion.
This classic of 18th century Chinese literature explores the sentimental meanderings of two characters in a historical, political and poetic context of a rare intensity. In one passage, a man reveals his feelings to his loved one in a passionate declaration: 弱水三千,只取一瓢 «In the ocean of possibilities, you are the only one who exists for me.»

Qing River Faux-semblants vaisselle ibride

Collection Faux-Semblants



Model Vert | River or Rose | Alhambra
Material Food melamine
Dimension H.31,7 x Ø21,6 cm
Country of manufacture Thailand
info passe au lave-vaisselle, pas de micro onde

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