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Mural tray - High Pressure Laminate
Made in France

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material: High pressure laminate
weight: 0,7 kgs
dimension: H.52 x L.50 cm
country of manufacture: France
little extra: water and heat resistant | dishwasher safe

General conditions

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2


Margot, a sovereign figure from a particularly fruitful era in terms of art of culture, takes the shape of a jaguar as an expression of her lineage's power and perspective.   

Clarico-3 Columns Style 2


Urbin, Margot's imaginary husband, takes the shape of a jaguar, just like his sovereign, as an expression of his lineage's power and perspective. The animal, a personality of stately demeanor, imposes himself as visionary master, a guardian of her century's influence. 

Urbin et Margot are serving trays to be used to serve the guests, they can then be displayed freely on a wall as a pictorial work, a mythological painting. 

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