Designers' inspiration

Created in collaboration with the design studio Chape & Mache, Chaperon is a wall alcove inspired by the votive niche, intended to receive the statue of a saint in religious art.

This form, so pervasive in Western culture, gives rise to a sense of sacredness for both the object and the space that contains it.  



Chaperon is designed to create its own mysterious and mystical universe. Inhabited by precious or everyday objects, the wall console underlines the value of the macrocosm that inhabits it by drawing the eye to it.

Its integrated drawer is hidden in the rounded shape and reflects the fine cutting techniques of the ibride workshops.


Design and manufacture

With the same aspiration to reduce its environmental impact, the design duo Aurélie Chapelle and David Machado work hand in hand with ibride to develop a 100% Made in France creation that favours short circuits. 

The innovative moulded textile shell is thermoformed and OEKO-TEX certified. The inner surface and the drawer are made of Fenix, an opaque scratch-resistant material.