Odoo CMS - une grande photo

"L'aéropostale" is a set of chests presented as a series of black monoliths whose main surface is carved out of the mass. The observation of these heterogeneous volumes invites us to look over the immense deserts, vast megacities or vertiginous mountain ranges that have become abstract with the distance. 


Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes

With this project, Benoit Convers pays homage to the mythical journeys of the Aéropostale pilots, who, in the 1930s, flew along the Atlantic coast, crossing the ocean to South America to carry mail to the shores of the Pacific.

Odoo- Echantillon n° 2 pour trois colonnes


Western Sahara, Cape Verde Islands, Amazonian canopy, Andean Cordillera, Central American cities, their journey served as a guide to collect many aerial images and transpose them into abstract textures, carved in the mass as in the surface of the planet.

Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes


Ibride, with the perpetual intention of cultivating special bounds between the objects that surround us and ourselves, sees in the Aéropostale the opportunity to store our most intimate objects as if they were buried in the depths of distant continents.

This project, dear to ibride, is the result of a long experimental research between design and digital machining technology. Like a refined visual and tactile range, the collection is highlighted by a play of shadows and light and by the density of the material, black HDF tinted in the mass and varnished.